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Arboreal Cove De Sac by MobiusEntUltd Arboreal Cove De Sac :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 2 0 Urban Paradise by MobiusEntUltd Urban Paradise :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 7 2 Lush Oasis by MobiusEntUltd Lush Oasis :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 3 0 My Not So Super Secret by MobiusEntUltd My Not So Super Secret :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 0 0 Where No Tree Has Gone Before by MobiusEntUltd Where No Tree Has Gone Before :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 1 0 Urban Forest by MobiusEntUltd Urban Forest :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 3 0 This Is Me by MobiusEntUltd This Is Me :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 1 0
The Kiss of Love
I knew I was dying. I did it to myself. I saw in myself nothing worth of redemption. The sins of my misspent teenage years and adulthood compounded within me to the vile man I saw in the mirror. I hated myself and everything.
I walked into the night of his life, ready to end my miserable existence. I found that I was a coward and could not take the action necessary to bring my existence to an end. Within that night I remained for over a decade. Gradually I found myself drifting into an ocean of sorrow and self-pity, I was mourning for the child he used to be; full of wonder, full of love and selfless compassion.
I realized what had happened to myself. I gave up on love and wonder and became envious. Since I never received what I needed, what I perceived to need, I let my sins compile until my skin became the husk of the sinner that I saw in myself.
A violent storm struck the sea I was floating on. I had no idea how I was managing to stay afloat. The monsters were about to begin their f
:iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 1 0
Home, Sweet Home by MobiusEntUltd Home, Sweet Home :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 3 0
DND 3.5 Character: Thistle Ravenwood
Thistle Ravenwood
Female Wood Elf Paladin 5 / Elf Paragon 1
LG medium humanoid (Elf)
Init: +2, Senses: low-light vision (thrice), Listen +6, Spot +8
AC: 23; touch: 13 (dex + deflec); flat-footed 22 (no dex)
hp: 59 (5d10+1D6+6+3)
Fort: +09, Ref: +09, Will: +09; +4 to saves vs. enchantment spells or effects
Immune: magical diseases, magic sleep, supernatural diseases
Speed: 30 ft
Melee: Greatsword +10 (2D6+5/19-20, x2)
Melee: Morningstar +9 (1D8+4/x2)
Melee: Gauntlet +8 (1D3+3/x2)
Special Attacks: Smite Evil (2/Day; +4 attack, +5 damage, +3 Strength damage)
Base Atk: +8; Grp: +8
Str: 16 (+3), Dex: 15 (+2), Con: 12 (+1), Int: 11 (+0), Wis: 18 (+4), Cha: 18 (+4)
- Level 4 increase; +1 Con (11+1=12)
SQ: Aura of Courage, Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Detect Secret Doors (Search check if within 5'), Divine Grace, Divine Health, Lay On Hands, Smite Evil 2/Day, Turn Undead
Feats: Toughness, Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Iron Will (3rd), Endurance (6th)
:iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 0 2
Anchors Away, Ye Scurvy Dogs! by MobiusEntUltd Anchors Away, Ye Scurvy Dogs! :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 4 3 Canopy by MobiusEntUltd Canopy :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 4 0 Trough The Green To The Blue by MobiusEntUltd Trough The Green To The Blue :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 11 0 Sunset by MobiusEntUltd Sunset :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 8 0 A-pear-antly by MobiusEntUltd A-pear-antly :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 1 0 Song of the Setting Sun by MobiusEntUltd Song of the Setting Sun :iconmobiusentultd:MobiusEntUltd 1 0
The latest inspirations that my muse has gifted me with...


Watchdogs are for weaklings! by RavenMontoya Watchdogs are for weaklings! :iconravenmontoya:RavenMontoya 136 28 Majestic by artnihil Majestic :iconartnihil:artnihil 22 3 Whom are you calling a 'dandy lion', huh? by RavenMontoya Whom are you calling a 'dandy lion', huh? :iconravenmontoya:RavenMontoya 153 23 Chives by Creative-Caro Chives :iconcreative-caro:Creative-Caro 11 6 Brightcolpic 271 by Brightcol Brightcolpic 271 :iconbrightcol:Brightcol 34 3 Bloodborne inspired hunter color by Toramarusama Bloodborne inspired hunter color :icontoramarusama:Toramarusama 56 2 Leaf by aquamariney Leaf :iconaquamariney:aquamariney 63 7
Heterosexuality: A sin.
Hello, I'm straight.
And I am regularly asking God, why he'd decide to be so cruel as to make me this way? It isn't any fair. In a world where everybody is homosexual. It is so hard for me. They point at me and whisper behind my back. Calling me nothing more than an animal.  An animal! They say that if God intended us to be mindless animals that he wouldn't have given us the minds or the ability to create life without performing animalistic sex acts. They call me unnatural. What's wrong with me? Why am I this way? I sometimes wish I were a lesbian. Or at least bi-sexual. Although those poor souls are often being picked on for not "making up their minds". I cannot help how I feel. I cannot help who it is that I fall in love with, cannot control their gender any more than I can control my own.
Oh God. If I could be a homosexual, don't you think that I would?? To fit in, to be normal. I feel so conflicted. All my life I have been bought up to know that homosexuality was the norm
:icondevalljapan:devALLjapan 31 49
Ensei_raining by half-an-half Ensei_raining :iconhalf-an-half:half-an-half 1 0 Nitocris by half-an-half Nitocris :iconhalf-an-half:half-an-half 3 0 Fight Club   - Tifa Lockhart   Final Fantasy VII by ChloexBowie Fight Club - Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII :iconchloexbowie:ChloexBowie 73 8 Jinno Megumi - Eromanga sensei by Twilitz Jinno Megumi - Eromanga sensei :icontwilitz:Twilitz 21 6 Ultimate Gamer by Hoel-ART Ultimate Gamer :iconhoel-art:Hoel-ART 54 5 Stronghold by IceRider098 Stronghold :iconicerider098:IceRider098 224 35 UPR Theme 1 - Heartbeat of construction by Nientjesweb UPR Theme 1 - Heartbeat of construction :iconnientjesweb:Nientjesweb 2 0 City Lights by Zoutorasai City Lights :iconzoutorasai:Zoutorasai 11 3


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I am 41 years old and retired. I am enjoying my time making vlogs on YouTube (and soon other videos), watching Netflix, pondering table-top role-playing games, reading, writing among other things.


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